Our Activities

Main Activities:
The main activities of SAYED FARMS LIMITED Company are:

    Broiler production
    Slaughter and distribution
    Day old chick production and distribution (commercial and breeder stocks)
    Feed production and trading
    Equipment and raw material trading
    Food Distribution: Potatoes, sea food, vegetables and cheese

SAYED FARMS LIMITED provides the below services

    Deliver goods on time and satisfy all our customers with efficient timing
    Refresh our consumers
    Partner with our customers
    Enrich the lives of our local communities
    Reward our stakeholders

We are the market leaders in many of our frozen items in the Nigerian market where we have a very good distribution channel through full range of new & well maintained vehicles including reefer closed box cargo trucks, different sizes and tonnage with man power reaching 350 employees.

SAYED FARMS LIMITED is highly committed to:

Their Customers
By providing them a wide range of high quality of products & services,

successful management & the control of all agriculture fair encourage

the customers all over Nigeria.

Their Staff
By providing them a guide line to build their career & fair assessment with

respect to their efforts & qualification, we have a qualified staff:

    Agricultural engineers
    Production managers
    Logistics officers
    Feed mill workers
    Farms workers
    Slaughter house staff

The Environment
By trying its best to protect the environment & natural resources it uses.